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She stopped walking and nibbled on her thumb nail, then snatched her thumb away from her mouth.

"Damn it! Don't nibble, don't nibble, don't nibble..." She continued pacing. Around her, the vast circuit-board walls and machine veins of the computers hummed and crackled and occasionally zapped. The walls were soundproof, sightproof, proofed against everything, so she could have one moment of privacy. Maybe two. She grew so tired of the outside world, that world brimming with greedy camera eyes snatching her every public movement, each breath she took, and uploading it to the net for anyone to see. She got so tired of people she didn't even know greeting her by name, asking her about embarrassing events she'd thought were private.

Like the time she got her hand stuck in a candy dispenser. She'd grown impatient with it and tried to reach up into the machine, but the machine hadn't liked such rough treatment and trapped her hand. Eventually a vending machine psychologist had to be called in to convince the dispenser that it solved nothing trapping some girl's hand. The dispenser had let her go, and then the authorities took the faulty machine away. Probably to the scrap heap. She'd never used one of the dispensers again. The mockery and jokes from complete strangers was too much.

"So good creepy equals anything like you?" The machine intoned. She smoothed back some of her hair and squinted at the ceiling, lost in thought.

"Maybe. But I'm not sure I'd want someone completely like me. That might be boring."

"Do you bore yourself?" The machine asked. She frowned, crossed her arms tighter.

"No, that's not what I meant, I... No. I'm happy with myself. I just think... Two of me would get boring."

"How can two be boring when each one is interesting?" The machine asked. Relentless as ever, she thought. Groaning, she shaded her forehead with an outspread hand.

"I don't know how to explain it. It makes sense to me. If I don't think about it. I'm happy with who I am, but having to spend time with a copy of myself would bore me to death. I don't know why, so just shut up about it already. Got it?"

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