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I wish to thank Thelma Goodridge and Nyembane Goodridge

for making me who I am,

and also Reina Joa, Christine Karmo, Randy Hyde,

Pramod Khanna, Ken McRae, Ernest Capers,

Dr. Heru Shango, Zelda Samara Owens, Nicole Drew, Diamond Davis, Tony Cordoza, Monica Afesi,

Stacey Spencer-Willoughby, Howard Walters,

Aaron Willoughby, Wayne Wright,

Gurdeep Singh, Delxino Wilson de Briano,

Joe Hill, Catherine Young, Ashley Moffatt,

Jayvee Vallejera, Chun Yu Wang,

Ron McFarlane, and Preeyaporn Jompeang

who have all, in significant ways, helped me

act from, create, demonstrate and

live true to my belief system.

Cover Image:

“No linear-minded ducking allowed.”

Duck Photographer: Ivonne Wierink

This book is part of the Better Belief System Series. Download Book 1, In Search of a Better Belief System, at

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