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Chapter 12 - The Coral Reef

Chapter 13 - A Map of the Reef

Chapter 14 - Utopia Colony

Chapter 15 - The Utopian Mines

Chapter 16 - Caught by the Miners!

Chapter 17 - Escape

Chapter 18 - A Surprise for Raven

Chapter 19 - A Confession from Raven

Chapter 20 - Goro's Long Night

Chapter 21 - Caught Again

Chapter 22 - Raven's Plan

Chapter 23 - The Tunnel to Elysium Outpost

Chapter 24 - The End of the Summer

Chapter 1 - Elysium Province

The train shot through the vacuum tubes at incredible speed, crossing the Martian sub-continents of Noachis and Tempe in a of couple hours. On the train were Arthur, Goro, Kiyoko, and Goro's pet monkey Mechi. Arthur was on his way home from school. His home was in Elysium Province, but he went to school in Hellas Province, half way around the planet. Twice a week he took this train ride, once to school on Monday morning, and once home on Friday afternoon. He spent all week at school, where he had a room in the dormitory. The train ride was almost two hours long, and while he took it twice a week, this time it was different. This time he was excited, because this time he was on his way home for summer vacation. He wouldn't need to take the train back to Hellas Province for a month!

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