By Lindsay Buroker

Smashwords Edition.

Copyright 2013 Lindsay Buroker


Thank you, good reader, for picking up another adventure with Rias and Tikaya. They’ve been up to… Well, you’ll find out. Before you jump in, please give me a moment to thank Kendra Highley and Becca Andre, my tireless beta readers. Also, high fives to Glendon Haddix for the cool cover design and Shelley Hollow for the editing (her edits are also cool). Lastly, thank you for coming back to Turgonia (and now the Kyatt Islands) again and again with me, giving life to characters that otherwise would have existed only in my mind. (Trust me, they would have been terribly bored with just me to entertain.)



Tikaya crossed out another opening line. A letter should not be so hard to write. True, the conditions were not ideal: the ship’s wooden railing made a poor desk, the salty wind tugged at the paper, and something redolent of seagull poop adorned the side of her pencil. But it was the topic that made the message a challenge. And the fact that she didn’t know the names of the people to whom the letter would be mailed. Nor was she certain they existed.

She glowered at the page.

“Linguistics troubles?” a familiar baritone asked.

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