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Spirituality for America:

Earth-Saving Wisdom From the Indigenous

Ed McGaa ~ Eagle Man

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2013, Ed McGaa

All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents

These ways are not for us alone. They must be shared.”

Frank Fools Crow, Chief Medicine Man, Oglala Lakota, Sioux tribe


Spirituality and Organized Religion ~ George Catlin ~ Native Values


Native Spirituality Revived ~ Organized Religion in America ~ Election—2012 ~ Islam and Christianity ~ Mongol and Viking ~ Fairy Tale Phobia ~ Spiritual Perseverance ~ Marine ~ Mother Earth Spirituality ~ Mentor ~ Culture ~ Missionaries ~ Guest Commentary: Nancy Miller

Chapter 1: Religion and Spirituality

What is Spirituality? What is Religion? ~ Obliteration ~ Leadership ~ Nature’s Discipline ~ Creator’s Design ~ “Forgive Me!” ~ What Are Spirits? ~ Spirit Connection ~ Devil? Satan? Again. ~ A Lesson in Observation ~ Mind Fulfillment ~ No Need For a Leader ~ Facebook Entry ~ Communication

Chapter 2: Lone Cloud Sun Dance

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