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The Headmaster's Boy

This work is copyrighted by Lyra Brooks and has been published on Smashwords in Feb. 2012

Sometimes when two people meet, they have this exquisite moment of beautiful clarity. It feels as if time stops around them and for that moment they can only focus on each other. That's how Alex felt when he first met Mr. Lancaster; or close to how he felt anyway. Maybe beautiful clarity wasn't the right phrase, it was more akin to instantaneous, supremely painful attraction. It was patently absurd of course, the man was married, old enough to be his father, supremely wealthy and influential, and, if that wasn't enough, the President of his small private college.

Alex first met Damian Lancaster at a school sponsored party at the end of his first semester at college. The school had decided to host a little Christmas fete for the scholarship students and the event was attended by those students on athletic or scholastic scholarships as well as the President, his wife, and some of the more generous alumni. Alex had gotten into Northern California College on a track and field scholarship. It was a lucky break for him as well because he couldn't imagine what he would have done if it hadn't been given a full ride.

Alexander had grown up rather poor in southern California. He'd never really wanted for food or clothing but at the same time nothing had ever been handed to him. Luckily, he was excellent at sprinting and because of his amazing time at a meet in his Senior year of high school he had been scouted by lots of colleges and universities. When they all found that he couldn't pay for any of his schooling, only NCC offered him a full ride.

It couldn't have come at a better time as he had just been thrown out of his house in the summer between his Senior and Freshmen years for daring to admit to his parents that he was gay. For good measure, his father had also decided to beat the shit out of him first. Always resourceful, Alex told his parents unceremoniously to go fuck themselves and slept on friends' couches until the dorms opened up. Then he spent the rest of his money on a Greyhound ticket and went to college, leaving his old life behind him and never looking back.

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