This novel is totally a work of fiction. I have taken the liberty throughout the book of using familiar names and places, to add some realism to a story that, I feel, borders on reality. The concepts discussed here are not so far out that we need to be too skeptical of them. This book, for the most part, is a hopeful book and I have intentionally attempted to keep the general flow of the work positive and uplifting, although there are, to keep the story realistic, some dark images. They flow with the story, however, and are not overpowering. The New Testament, in the twelfth chapter of First Corinthians, shares with us information about the Gifts of the Spirit. Some have the gift to believe, some to teach, others to heal and yet others to be healed. I firmly believe this, and have, perhaps, been given one or two gifts myself. Once in a lifetime, we see a true miracle, someone who has a talent that cannot be explained by the brightest science or the most profound earthly religion. Perhaps God, in His wisdom and for His own purposes, withholds some answers from us.

Dick Farnsworth

Prologue by Andrew Spooling

It started, for me, in an airport in Des Moines, Iowa, some 50 years ago, on a Sunday evening in mid-September. All flights were delayed by some heroic weather that was threatening tornadoes, and was accompanied by the fiercest thundering and lightning exhibitions I had ever experienced. No one was going out in this weather, and it was to be awhile before the planes would be flying.

The passengers on my flight were given the choice of a hotel nearby for the night, or exchanging their coach seats for first class on the first available flight. Most of them chose the hotel, but a few of us decided on the upgrade to first class. I’d slept in airports before; it wasn’t the most comfortable thing, but it was only for one night. Besides, by the time we were all herded into a bus and transported to the hotel, half the night would be gone anyway.

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