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Action Research: How Can I Be a More Effective Reading Teacher to My Daughter?

About the Author

Beatrix S. Tambunan has a background in Human Resources with a MS degree from Suffolk University and Graduate Certificate from Harvard University. She currently lives in Boston with her husband and daughter. "An Eagle Named Canary" is her first children's book. Inspired by living in various parts of the world and enjoying the beauty of all cultures, Beatrix embraces diversity and encourages empowerment.

"I started to write and illustrate children's books since I want to communicate positivity and empowerment to young children. I have to say my daughter, Sarah, really inspired me to write with excitement.

My background is in Human Resources where I managed adults in a very corporate environment. Unfortunately, there is very little room for creativity and adults are immune to change. I finally took a break from a high strung work environment....I believe I found my passion.

Looking back, I remember being awkward as a little girl. I lacked self-esteem and often felt displaced at school. I didn't know how to empower myself in many areas and the only books of inspiration were fairy tales.

Presently, I'm a proud mother and my wonderful daughter is my biggest support. My mission is to ignite the message of self worth, valuable relationships, and empowerment in my books, helping and inspiring children."

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