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Schoolgirl Milkmaid (Lactation Erotica)

by Wynne Burroughs

Smashwords Edition

Story © Wynne Burroughs

Cover © Can Stock Photo Inc. / leonardoboss


Schoolgirl Milkmaid (Lactation Erotica)

About the Author

Schoolgirl Milkmaid (Lactation Erotica)

Sophie's last chance to pass Mr. Clevinger's biology course is to offer herself up as a test subject. The experiment is intended to increase her femininity—to alter her hormones and pheromones to make her irresistible. There's only one catch... Sophie's breasts swell up with milk.

This story is for adults only and includes graphic depictions of breast worship, erotic lactation and penetrative sex.

* * *

Professor Clevinger stepped into the room. He looked down on me with his cold, stone gray eyes and scowled.

When I met his gaze I knew that I couldn't deny him. I pulled up my blanket and revealed my chest to him. My breasts ached. They were dense and heavy—swollen with milk. My nipples stood erect.

Professor Clevinger stooped down and brought his face close to my breast.

His breath rushed against my throbbing nipple.

His tongue pried it's way through his lips and pressed forward. It brushed against my nipple.

A twinge of cold crackled down my spine and then burned away, replaced with a dull, wet heat.

His lips reached out and encompassed my areola.

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