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Vanishing Peak, Eternal Spring in Inexpensive Rainbow Country

An eTravelog by A. Datta

Copyright © 2010-2014  A. Datta
ISBN 978-1-4523-9496-1

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Vanishing Peak, Eternal Spring in Inexpensive Rainbow Country

We visited Yercaud in Aug 2006. The least of reasons that should make Yercaud famous is that it is the most affordable hill town in all of India and therefore in much of the world. The real reason Yercaud commands our interest is that it is truly the abode of eternal spring other than being a clean and peaceful place to visit save a tiny peeing corner near the lake. Here it is essential to mention that Ootacamund or Ooty (no relation of which at a distance of 237 km has been famously known as the "land of eternal spring" (sic) since the Raj is anything but that because in winter which doesn't spare Ooty temperatures drop below the freezing point of water. That prices don't drop so low is therefore hardly surprising.

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