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Other titles by Artie Margrave

Hunted: Jake The Ripper, a novelette

Jake has watched a band of Hunters lay waste to the only family he has… the undead! Now he’s also being hunted too, especially by the Mad Prophet. He is the last vampire left. However, in the middle of surviving the shrewdness of his big time nemesis and escaping, he discovers a secret, one only he can stop… before it spirals out of control.

The Curse In The Chest, a novella

Royston Moses has made what he thinks is a magnificent find – a chest; glittering, promising, but completely out of place. He opens it and releases a century-old demon with a sole intent of looking for a pure virgin to breed his Legion. A journeying exorcist, Matthias Williams, is supernaturally directed to stop this menace. Will he succeed? Or will the Legion be birthed?

Body Parts For Hire, a short story

Gabriel Rice relates the story of his death to another probable victim who has had a body part surgical exchange with the sole intent to warn them of the impending danger. It’s up to the victim to decide if he’s real and should be believed or not.

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