Looking at Iran

How 20 Arab and Muslim Nations View Iran and Its Policies

by Dr. James Zogby

Zogby Research Services

James Zogby

Copyright Zogby Research Services 2013

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A project of this magnitude is always the result of a collaborative effort. Special thanks to Elizabeth Zogby and Sarah Zogby, my colleagues at ZRS: Elizabeth,for her writing, editing, and exceptional attention to detail; and Sarah, for her work in designing this complex report and eBook, making the presentation of the material understandable. Credit must also be given to our partners at Zogby Analytics (ZA), especially to John Zogby and Jon Zogby whose work in launching this polling enterprise has made our decade-long collaboration possible; and to our star "number cruncher," Joe Mazloom. Additional acknowledgment is due to Asim Srivastav and his team and to ZA's Chad Bohnert for their diligence in managing our field work. And to the Arab American Institute/Foundation for their support. Finally, my thanks to the thousands of Arab and Muslim citizens who allowed us to hear their voices and record their responses thereby giving us the opportunity to present their attitudes and concerns to a world-wide audience.

Table of Contents

Introducion: The Rise and Fall of Iran in Public Opinion

A. Overview

B. Iran's Regional Role and Changing Arab Attitudes

1. Lebanon

2. Iraq

3. The Green Movement

4. Bahrain and the Gulf Countries

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