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6. Turkey’s Role

7. The Changing U.S. Role

C. The Nuclear Question: "From 'Yes' to 'Don't Dare Go There'"

1. Middle East as Nuclear Free Zone

2. What Iran Wants

3. What To Do If Iran Persists?

D. The Sectarian/Ethnic Divide: "Politics Matters, but Culture Trumps"

E. Conclusion

APPENDIX: Report on 20 Arab and Muslim Nations' Attitudes Toward Iran


1. Favorable/Unfavorable

2. Models for Development

3. “Green Movement”

4. Iran’s Role

5. Peace and Stability in the Arab World

6. 1979 Iranian Revolution and Regional Stability

7. Sectarian Division

8. Relationship with Iran and its People

9. The Culture of Your Country Versus the Culture of Iran

10. Comparing Arab and Iranian Culture

11. Iran as a Nuclear Power

12. Iran’s Power in the Gulf Region

13. Iran’s Motivations

14. If Iran Persists with Nuclear Program

15. Support Military Strikes If…

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