I believe we owe one another absolute respect. We must not knowingly harm one another. We must strive constantly to improve the lives of all. Anyone who desires more than another is sick and must be quarantined from society. Anyone who knowingly harms another is sick and must be quarantined from society. Those are the two basic laws that will provide all that a just and equal civilization requires. This is a progressive mind.

Wars, religions, gods, patriotism, greed and all other forms of insanity and separation are diseases. Mankind can achieve unbelievable greatness and inhabit a garden of perfection if it finds a way to understand and cure these corruptions. If we cannot eradicate those obstacles, then we will soon disappear from the universe and leave no trace and no being will mourn our passage nor remember our existence.

Someday, when the history of the decline and fall of the United States is written, the first sentence will read, "The deterioration of this once honorable and courageous nation, and the beginning of the end of all hope for its future, began when Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States by selfish, uninformed, celebrity worshipping morons."


Patriotism, like religion, is useful for those who grew tired of thinking for themselves.


Happiness is episodic - contentment is long term.

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