Hanging Birch

When a journalist finds himself lost he stumbles across a town in the middle of nowhere. The place seemed empty at first, but when he did find the occupants he didn’t like what he found, especially the method employed to make them stay.

The Chase

After a vehicle breakdown on his vacation, David Seeler found himself being chased into the woods after witnessing what looked like a man being hunted for sport. Finding an abandoned building he decided to hide inside, but something in the cellar was to prove more deadly than his pursuers.

Hanging Birch

As the light faded he switched the headlights on. There were a few clouds in the sky, but it looked as though it was going to be a nice evening.

He'd been on the road for hours now and was becoming more and more agitated. The conference was going to start in ninety minutes and he finally admitted he was lost. He couldn't afford to miss this one. Too many important contacts in the journalist world attending. Either the map was wrong or he was incapable of reading one.

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