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As if Clint were reading his friend’s mind, he said, “Why don't we plan a vacation. Spring break is coming up and you should be able to get a week vacation. We can go to Mammoth with all those blond chics. What do you say?”

Jessica would have a fit.” Nick said, his mind turning to his pretty blond very jealous girlfriend. If he went he’d have to take her, the point was for him and Clint to spent time together, you know male bonding and all that crap. Privately he missed his best buddy.

So he said, “Hey, why don't we go to the desert. We can do some metal detecting, four wheeling, and drink our guts out. I heard about this great place. There is even a lake to go fishing on. What do you say?”

Clint liked the desert; the idea of sitting around doing nothing for a week was really sounded good to him. He would not have to see a book or write a report or listen to some boring lecture.

Yeah that sounds pretty damn good. Lets do it”. Clint agreed cheerfully.

So the plan was laid, they borrowed a tent from a friend, got their camping gear ready, and arranged the time and the place to meet.

“Look out" Nick yelled, yanking Clint out of his musings.

What the hell were you day dreaming about you almost hit that coyote. Are you nuts?’’ Nick said, his darkly tanned face a little paler.

“Sorry, I was thinking about the day we came up with this idea for the week in the high desert.”Clint murmured, keeping a more discerning eye on the road.

You mean the day we were drunk and stupid,” Nick commented sarcastically.

Ha, Ha very funny, look I realize with the air conditioning out, it's uncomfortable. We are anxious to get to the camp that's all. I bet we will have the time of our lives." Clint said with heart-felt belief.

Nick said his face suddenly serious, “Yeah, I suppose your right, but ever since we left I got this weird feeling, like we should not be going.”

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