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A Very Ugly Story

Ziiiiiiiipppppp!!! Craaaassshhhh!!! Harry showed off one of his inventions by knocking over some cans. Everyone laughed and cheered him on.

He performed goofy tricks for a beautiful bikini babe named Sweety Lovey. He stared at her side boob protruding out of her bikini top. Her look reminded him of those bikini models that stood next to the muscle cars in the auto show program books. She had bleached blonde hair with cute pink bow clips. Her lips were moist and covered with shiny pink lip gloss. She wore a cute bikini and pink flip flops. Her nipples were pointing out at attention. Her firm voluptuous ass cheeks hung out from under her bikini bottom and nobody was complaining.

Harry had dark hair on the sides of his head and was bald on top. His eyebrows were bushy and he sported a Van Dyke beard, which complimented his thick black framed glasses. He wore a white lab coat and blue jeans.

“Harry, you are like a mad scientist or something,” said someone.

“How about you show us your special nose blower invention?” asked someone.

“Yes, it is my latest invention. Too bad I can't invent for a living. Maybe one day.”

“Why do you work at this company?” said someone. “You are so talented and could do so much more.”

“Err, ohm,” sighed Harry, as he avoided making a career faux pas.

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