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This party was something to keep everyone occupied. The annual company picnic was not very exciting, but nobody really had a choice in the matter. Everyone had to attend this party. The Hartliss mansion was the destination for the gathering. The sun shined and smiled at everyone. It winked, because it was such a beautiful day. Clouds relaxed in the sky. Acres of land spread as far as the eye could see. This was quite a compound. Families had fun as they swam in the pool. Beauties soaked up the sun while they sunbathed. A security guard slept and was unaware of anything that went on. Just over the balcony were some trees. These trees were very ugly. It looked almost as if they had frowning faces. The branches resembled long muscular arms that reached outward. It was a very ugly scene.

Judy Hartliss owned the company that was throwing the shindig. Her shoulder length hair was smooth and silky and her lips were bright red. She wore heavy mascara in a good way. Her nose pointed upward ever so cute. The black dress she wore was very elegant. Her cleavage was quite prominent and her nipples pointed out. She wore black F-me boots. It seemed all of the nips that stuck out that day may have indicated that it had been cold outside. Although she looked nice, her reputation was known to always focus purely on herself. She was very vain. Most of the employees feared and hated her. She stood on the balcony with her brother and personal assistant Jo Jo overlooking all of the people. Jo Jo had dark hair, pale skin, and round eyes. He was missing his front two teeth. His black suit was very sharp.

There was a wild man among the crowd named Lonny. He had a goatee and wore blue jean cut off shorts with fringe hanging. He never wore a shirt. There were a dozen or so hairs on the center of his chest. He also had hair on his lower back and on his pepperonis. His rose colored glasses covered his red bloodshot beady little eyes. His purple polka dotted bandana concealed his perfectly feathered hairdo, although a pony tail stuck out of the back. In his back pocket was a big orange comb that he had been known to use to play the game bloody knuckles from time to time. He wore sandals over his white socks with red stripes, which were pulled up just below his knees. He walked up to Harry.

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