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I had my duffel bag over my shoulder with my cowboy hat sitting on top of my head, walking into a small town in North Carolina that looked like a good place to put down some roots. I was looking for work to make a little money and maybe find a place to rent.

There was a diner that I saw in the distance, but I figured that at the very least I could get a good hot meal. I was wearing my cowboy boots and the biggest belt buckle that any Texas cowboy has ever seen. It was apparent, as I walked into the place, that I was as wanted as a tick on a dog. Everyone turned around when the bell over the door went off, and they saw me standing there with dust covering me from head to toe. The look that I was getting from the men was that of disdain and I realized that they were jealous of something that they just didn't understand.

The women were looking at me like a prize piece of cattle, as I sauntered over to the counter and sat down. The waitress, a very comely young lady with high breasts that beckoned a young down and out cowboy like myself, was looking at me with a lust that she couldn't hide.

So, um, what can I do for you?” I could think of a few things that she could do for me, but I didn't want to act like any man that she ever knew. I was a gentleman and my father and mother had raised me to treat a woman with respect.

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