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The First Book of Demons

By Raquel Dove

Copyright © 2012 Raquel Dove

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Alexandra felt the cold steel of a blade cutting through the soft flesh of her throat. She felt the blood begin to pool beneath her on the white silk sheets. Her eyes stared up at a ceiling that was foreign to her as her body began to convulse uncontrollably. The last image to swim through her hazy vision was pale blue skin.

Immense pain pounded on the back of Alexandra's forehead as her eyes snapped open. She sat up in her bed, her fingers immediately feeling at her neck. She half expected to see them covered in blood as she pulled them back to look at them. Her relief was momentary as the little alarm clock buzzing by the side of her bed finally grabbed her attention. According to the bright red flashing numbers, it had been going off for quite some time. She groaned. She was going to be late for school again.

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