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The Obfuscate Game

Why must life be based solely on a single test. As if high school wasn’t hard enough, your life hinged on one big test: The SAT. Students had adapted many studying techniques their senior years to improve their score, but none was like these two girls.

“Her conviviality had indeed dispersed as her ascetic nature, quite unexpected of such a girl, proved to be contrite due to the events of the poignant celebration.” The smaller one said then turned to the other girl. “Your turn Kristy.”

Kristy sat back and thought for a moment. “Well, Jennifer, let’s see if you can beat this: His words were more than blandishment, quite obsequious in fact, as he attempted to ingratiate through his actions, which she in turn felt chagrin for him causing his attempts to gain her favor to attenuate creating a jocund feeling in her and pathos in many others.”

Jennifer leaned forward, her short brown hair slipping from behind her ear. “Um, I’d go with a tie. While you did have more words than me, I would have to say mine was more articulate.”

“Damn,” Kristy said slumping against the tan bricks. “I suppose you’re right. But wait, who’s to say that you were more articulate than me. I think it could very well be a matter of opinion.”

“True, but I’m pretty sure you are just trying to win this round.”

“Well, then let’s ask somebody? It’s not like we’re the only people on the planet. Hey, Darin!” Kristy yelled out at another senior passing their way. “We need a little of your somethin’ somethin’.”

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