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James Bradley

Smashwords Edition

October – 2012

Growing up alongside the Inland Sea in Southeast Alaska can be best described in a few words as a perfect picture of serenity, peace and a complete enjoyment of the abundant wildlife within its boundaries. Having grown up among fishermen, my father an all season worker of the sea along with his father, brothers, and a sister of two thrown in for good measure, was an experience that in today’s hustle and bustle not many can claim. I found that all through my life I required at least a 10 miles distance or less to any large body of salt water – there has been no doubt in my mind all these years of this requirement, albeit I have spent my most productive years as an engineer and businessman in the field of communications traveling the world the sea is my home.

Having accumulated a large pile of debt during my beginning years of bumping around my occupation from job to job, it was not until I met Jay a Lebanese businessman living in Southern California who had this plan to build a wireless network in Lebanon that my life of wandering around turned around over 20 years ago. Since that that time the company I started on a shoestring in working with him has grown into a multi-million dollar operation with 35 employees…who all over the years having become not only employees but personal friends. I love to create things, not just money, things that people need, things that eventually have grown to be a part of our technical environment, and that of part of the population that really needed the items that today we marketed to at a profit I did not believe possible.

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