Seduced By The Neighbor

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 by Justine Snowe

Hey! Come on in!” I called out and waved to the Garling’s as they came around the corner of the house. “Glad you could make it!”

So are we!” Janice waved back but Todd, loaded down with a six-pack of beer and a large plastic bowl that I hoped was filled with his famous potato salad, merely grinned back at me. He brought his secret recipe every year when my husband Ryan and I hosted our annual ‘End of Summer’ pool party, and every year it went fast.

They hurried to drop off their food as I climbed up out of the pool. Sheets of water rolled off of toned legs, and rivulets ran out of my damp, short blonde hair and down the curve of my ample breasts. I grabbed a sarong off of a chair by the pool and wrapped it around my slim waist. It wasn’t that I wanted to hide my body – on the contrary, I liked to think I still filled out a two-piece bathing suit pretty damn well, even if my fortieth birthday was behind me by more years than I cared to admit. The vibrant tropical print had faded in the years since I got it in Thailand on our honeymoon, but it was still as soft as ever, and it held back the cool breeze from my wet skin nicely.

I watched as Janice and Todd found plates and headed straight for Ryan and the grill. My husband put down the tongs for long enough to shake Todd’s hand and give Janice a quick hug before filling their plates with burgers and hot dogs. He saw me as they walked off and smiled, white teeth shining bright against his shortly trimmed, stark black beard. I smiled back. Ryan was three years older than me, but he too was still in good shape, and could easily pass for a man ten years younger. He was still as handsome as the day we first met, all those years ago.

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