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The Jesus Twin

By Wright Forbucks

A Short Story

(7,000 words)

Rated: PG-14

Mild Profanity

Twitter: @wrightforbucks


Smashwords edition. © Wright Forbucks, 2012

All rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

The Jesus Twin

About the Author

The Jesus Twin

In 1962, in a cave in a land once known as Samaria, a crypt was discovered. Inside the crypt were three clay jars. Inside each jar was approximately two hundred grams of papyrus dust. Particle sizes varied. The largest fragments were eight millimeters in diameter. The majority of particles were the size of a pinhead. Using carbon dating, scholars concluded the papyrus was two thousand years old. For the next fifty years, the jars sat on a shelf in the semi-interesting-shit closet of the ancient history department of a venerable university located near the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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