James Maxey

Smashwords edition published by James Maxey


Copyright 2007 James Maxey


Originally published 2007 by Solaris
an imprint of BL Publishing
Games Workshop Ltd

Cover art by James Maxey

Formatting by e-Quality Press

Author’s note: The e-book edition of Bitterwood has been slightly modified from the original print edition. Bitterwood was purchased by Solaris as a stand-alone book, and only after strong sales and critical response did Solaris invite me to expand the tale into a trilogy. I’m happy they did; in the process of writing Dragonforge and Dragonseed, I had the opportunity to further explore and expand upon an already complex world and cast of characters. Alas, some of the choices I made created continuity errors with Bitterwood, already in print. The backstory of Gadreel was especially contradicted by changes I made to the breeding habits of sky-dragons. In this edition, I made the necessary tweaks to bring his history in line with later continuity. I’ve also corrected the handful of typos that readers have brought to my attention over the years (though it’s possible I’ve introduced fresh ones). As always, I welcome feedback from my readers, and if you have any comments on content or formatting, feel free to drop me a line at

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