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You’ve probably heard of Saint Valentine’s Day. You may have given someone a card or a present. You may even have done it in secret, and watched the look of happiness on their face. You probably tried not to blush as that person tried to figure out who their secret Valentine was.

But what do you really know about the person who inspired one of the most popular days of the year?

Probably... not much. That’s because not much is known about who Saint Valentine was. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church lists three Saint Valentines. Other branches of the Christian religion claim there are up to seven Saint Valentines.

How do we know which is the right one?

Three Valentines

There are three different Saint Valentines connected with the date of February 14. All three of them lived in the third century AD.

One was a priest in Rome, Italy. One was a bishop of Interamna in Italy. The town of Interamna is now called Terni. One was a priest in Africa. In the third century, Africa was a part of the Roman Empire.

Valentine was a popular name at the time. The Latin version “Valentinus” was also used. People would often be called by either name.

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