Lessons Learned

By Deanna Anderson

Copyright 2013 by Deanna Anderson

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1


My head was beginning to ache. Brandon, my fiancé, was trying to explain the blueprint of our soon to be Gold Cost Chicago home, but I was just not getting it.

I shoved a forkful of my beef fried rice into my mouth and took my time chewing before I said anything. “Could you explain it again? I’m just not getting the description.”

Brandon paused mid-sentence and fixed his dark brown eyes on me in frustration. I watched as he ran his large coffee complexioned hand over his 5 o’clock shadow beard and sighed.

It was a weekly thing Brandon and I had started when we first started dating to spend Friday nights relaxing at one of each other homes and ordering takeout food. Today’s meal came from Yang Chow’s in Los Angeles.

“Okay, it’s easy, really.” he said as he flipped back to the first page of the blueprints. “This is the kitchen on the right. It will lead out to a huge sundeck on the left,” he gestured with his hands. “This area to the left of the kitchen will be the sunk-in living room. This winding staircase will lead up to the second level where we will have two guestrooms, and a home office.”

Brandon glanced at me to make sure I was following along. “Our bedroom will take up the entire third floor, with the exception of the adjoining baby room. Now-”

“Wait, what?” that got my attention. I sat up strait and brushed a stray curl that had escaped my knit scarf out of my face. “Who said anything about a baby room?”

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