Island Between Times

By Nathaniel Blood

Smashwords edition ┬ęCaelin Day pty ltd

Through his telescope Captain William Sutton could clearly see the puff of whitish smoke erupt from the smaller of the two ships: almost simultaneously the Pelicans fore topsail tore across its width.

As the sail collapsed he heard an exclamation of joy beside him. "Well done Sir; well done."

Captain Sutton ignored the comment, he was still counting: waiting for the boom that was only just now rolling across the ocean and across the deck of the Lady Scarlet. Yes; he thought, mentally calculating the distance; they were gaining. "One should not be too presumptuous mister," he said condescendingly without taking his eye from the glass.

"No sir; one should not." The voice had lost most of its excitement.

"We are dealing with a cunning one mister; probably the wiliest of them all."

"Of course Sir and God willing you shall be the one to put an end to him."

"Be it so mister, but many have assumed that before; and we must be on our most vigilant, lest he slips from our grasp as well."

"Your plan is working well Sir. The sloops to slow; take his wind, and shepherd the Pelican into the slack water; where we can take her."

"Apparently so mister; though I care that things can go awry when one least expects. Take that slack water; no doubt after all his times slipping out of the noose Butcher is cursing a becalmed area in the middle of the sea?"

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