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Sold to the Mob Boss Part 2 (Virgin Breeding Sex Slave)

Published by Adriana Rossi at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Adriana Rossi

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Jamie jumped in her seat as the empty glass slammed on the kitchen table. Tony licked the last vestiges of whiskey from his lips as he stared at her, his dark eyes filled with malcontent. The boss of the New Jersey crime family had been ill at ease. For what reason exactly, Jamie had no idea. Tony Contralto never brought business to his home. She could feel his anger in his hands, when he stroked her neck and shoulders, his fingers biting into her skin. His kisses were like gunpowder; there was so much passion in those lips, but lately there was more bite to them—almost as if he wanted to cause her pain.

She had been confined to his house for the last few weeks after being sold to the mob boss. In exchange for her body, he had wiped clean her father’s debts. Tony made it abundantly clear what he wanted from her the moment he had kidnapped her, but Jamie felt a thrill of horror at the mere thought of pregnancy. An image of the birth control pills she had managed to smuggle inside flashed through her mind. They were carefully hidden; she had taped them under the sink cabinet. If he ever found out, he’d kill me. A shudder ran through her body at the thought of his wrath.

Tony slid from his chair and unbuttoned his shirt, throwing his jacket over the chair. He had that steely glint in his eyes that meant that she was going to be ruthlessly fucked. Jamie tightened her legs as she felt a tingle in her pussy.

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