To my spiritual father the late great Bishop Linwood Stevenson for being a pastor of pastors and an example before me of hard work and dedication to the pastorate. To all the men who have inspired me all of my life I say thanks. To the great mothers of Zion who have made an impact on my life and have forever inspired me to pray, I say thanks. To my parents Rev. and Mrs. Tedaro Reid, thanks for raising me in the fear of God.

About The Five-Fold Minister’s Reference Book

This reference book is derived from the teacher’s manual of the master prophet of Breakthrough School of Prophets: Advanced School of Ministry that has been in operation since 1998 in North Carolina. This book serves as an instrument of education, learning, and exercise that is being used to train ministers in local churches all over America, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. This reference book is the textbook for an 8-month interactive training course that embodies quizzes, examinations, and spiritual exercises that unlock, activate, cultivate, and advance the God imparted gifts within the student. Every leader in any spirit filled church will also find this book to be a great tool of instruction as it relates to spiritual protocol within the local church.

The structure of this book is informational and instructive from a teacher’s point of view. As seen in the table of contents, this book is broken down into sections and lessons. It reads narrative in many parts and then solely instructional and explanatory in others. The book begins with definitions that continue throughout the entire book. Throughout this book there will be quotations by the author from his previous writing called “The Think Book” the revised edition. These quotations were a vital part of the testing of each student in the school of ministry and certainly will be invigorating for the reader. All content is the original content of Dr. Larry D. Reid unless otherwise notated.

It is the belief of Dr. Reid that everyone that has been converted and filled with the Holy Spirit, are full of gifts to be used for the edification of the entire world, beginning within the local church. This will become the book of reference for every believer who reads it, for the remainder of their spiritual journey.

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