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Dog Robber

Jim Colling Adventure Series

Book I

Copyright © 2006 Robert McCurdy

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

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To my wife, Margie, who read the drafts and asked the right questions, and whose support was essential to tell the story of Jim Colling and Elizabeth Hamilton. I dedicate Dog Robber to her, with my love.


April, 1945

The American officer had been crouched in a depression behind a fallen pine tree since just after midnight. He shifted his weight as quietly as possible, and winced at the pain in his cramped calves. The pale early-spring dawn had begun to spread through the northern Italian mountains around him. Light was filtering slowly through the haze that had not yet disappeared from among the pines, and he resumed his vigil, peering intently through the tree’s broken branches. Through breaks in the treetops, he could just make out portions of the logging road that ran along the curve of the slope below his position. Nothing moved, and he felt the nervousness that had been with him in varying degrees throughout the night become more acute.

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