10. Religion

11. School

12. Sex

13. Swearing

To all the delightful children who filled these pages with their wit and wisdom, and to Josh, Sarah and Kadijah, who provided the artwork, thank you! I love you all.


Hillary and Brittany (both 6):

Hillary: “Some kid called me stupid!”

Brittany: “Someone called you that? Was it a girl?”

Hillary: “No, it was a boy.”

Brittany (going from mild shock to understanding): “Oh, well.

That’s OK then. It means he likes you.


David (6) told his mother that Natalie, his classmate on whom he had an enormous crush, had invited him to play at her house. When his mother said he must have been so excited when he got the invitation, David replied, “Outside I looked normal, but inside there were little men jumping up and down!”


Jonathan (6) hoping to win Jennifer’s love from his main rival, Matthew, wrote her a “love letter” supposedly from Matthew but full of misspellings, thinking that Jennifer would never go for someone so careless and stupid. “Dear Jenner, my swet….” Sadly, Jennifer was not put off “Matthew’s” lack of intellectual rigor and chose him to be her boyfriend.

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