To See Yourself through a Mirror

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter 1, Wonderful Dates

We met. Literally, I saw her across a crowded room and thought there was something about her that I liked. Her eyes met mine in return and I went up and said 'hello' to the girl. We dated and often had the most wonderful dates. To start with, she said that she thought I was the most handsome man in the room. And I was happy to hear that. We had happy days like when we went to her favourite restaurant and sat at the best table. Or we stayed in and watched movies and after a good film, we talked endlessly. Then she asked why I didn't come and sit on the sofa next to her….

Later, when I met her again, she said that she no longer wanted to see me for dates but she might still see me around. As well, she asked to borrow some money. Somewhat pathetically, I gave her some money taking it from the wad I had in my wallet.

A few days later, she called and asked me to visit her again. She said this in the nicest, friendliest voice and asked if I could get some food for her when she had none in the house. When I got there, she stuck the frozen pizza I had brought with me into the oven and munched the snacks I had also brought. I offered her my arms and she seemed incredibly sexy. However, she rejected them.

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