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Madness Under The Tracks
By William Vitka

Copyright © 2013 by William Vitka

Smashwords edition

"Wanna hear somethin scary?"

The old guy asking this as he kicked the bloated body of a rat from the subway track.

The kid lit a cigarette. Didn't look grossed out but wondered how many rodent carcasses it might take to knock a train off the rails. "Sure."

They walked along the R line in Queens, which ran all the way from 95th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn up to 71st Street in Forest Hills. It was an old route. Started operating in 1916 as Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit.

Trudging through the tunnels on foot was like being stuck inside a Stygian gullet that went on forever. No end they could see. Just floods of light at stations. Everything in between a wet tartarean tomb.

The tracks were slippery and dangerous. The electrified third rail would fry your ass. Trash and debris sat in piles. Pools of rotten filth shuddered and swayed like tiny, terrible seas.

And things lived down here.

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