Only Time Will Tell by Dora Achieng’ Okeyo

©2013 Smashwords Edition

She laughed. He smiled because he knew he was smitten. She was four years younger than him, and he was of a different race. It did not matter back then. Truth is he pretended that it did not. He subscribed to a different religion, but they had their laughs. She would look at him and wonder just how stupid she was. He would stare at her and think “this is a mistake, a very beautiful mistake.” He was smart and hopeful. She was just getting herself together. He said, “I like you a lot, you have this cute thing going on that I have not seen in many girls.” She laughed at the thought of being cute. She knew he would leave her for one of their own. She also knew that he did not want to, but at the end of the day he did. He left. He packed his bags, got a visa and went to another country. She heard he’d left from his friends. It was not fair to her. It seemed as though all she wanted was time and an explanation. He never gave her that. Six years later, he calls. She is happy and enjoying a meal with her family when her phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and wonders who it might be. She looks around her and her younger sister smiles. “Pick it up in the other room, we are watching Arrow.” She goes into the other room and says “hello.”

Hello, is this really you?”

Who is this?”

It’s Hazzy! It’s been forever and I thought of you today, to wish you a happy birthday and just say that I hope you forgive me for being such a jerk.”

She looks at the phone and chokes on a feeling. It is neither rage nor love, but she hopes it is the former. So she stays silent and he asks “Jodie, right? I always knew you would go for that name, it suits you. It really does and I love the blog too. I read it everyday, even the posts I have read- just great, you did well and I am proud of you. I always knew you would. Truth is my life has picked up pace and I do pretty boring stuff. I am a Socio-Political Economist. I am getting my Doctorate maybe next year. Every thing else stayed the same I guess.”

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