The Death of Slava Boghu


Bruce G. Clark

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Copyright 2010 Bruce G. Clark.

Except for a few rules, which we are taught in law school to disrespect and evade, every trial is anarchy. No matter how nicely they dress or where they went to school, the other side is out to get you, any way they can. A trial lawyer's effectiveness depends largely on having a mind capable of anticipating and deflecting every dirty trick the adversary might try.

This story is the fruit of a mind distorted by a professional lifetime in the legal pit. It is the product of one lawyer's paranoia, insecurity and experience. The story is not a report of any particular case. The characters are not intended to represent any individuals, living or dead. The judgment of any real person claiming to be portrayed herein should be seriously questioned. None of this happened in the form reported here.

It has all happened though.

"if you want to know who I am, look at the surface of my paintings. there is nothing behind it."

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