Magnificent Motorbikes

By Mikey Simpson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Springwood Emedia

Motorbikes are really great for riding around. They zoom about on city streets and make quite a loud sound.

Motorbikes can come in many sizes, large, medium or tiny. They have comfortable seats and chrome that’s nice and shiny.

A motorbike must have a rider, to rev it up and go. The roads and streets have lots of hazards a rider needs to know.

Traffic lights, chevron markings on a bend, they have to be read quickly so a biker can negotiate the road ahead.

The handlebar steers the bike left or right, while the mirrors keep traffic behind well in sight.

You use your left foot to shift the gears up and down; the right foot uses a rear brake that can slow the bike right down.

To keep your bike in good condition give it frequent care, ensure the engines topped up with oil and the tyres are full of air.

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