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UFO 1955

A Smashwords Edition

Published by Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by Marvin K. Perkins

UFO 1955

The dogs barked, they strained at their chains, mouths foamed, teeth snarled as they followed the scent of the escapee. Two men with double barrel shot guns held their restrains, urging them onward towards their prey. It was a bright night, a full moon lit up the dense woods as the dogs pulled their masters through the thick underbrush. They knew they were close, the dogs barked loudly and growled fiercely and ran even faster through the woods.

Willie Johnson, doing twenty years of hard labor on the chain gang had escaped over the fence earlier that evening, hoping to make it to the river and ultimately to safety under the cover of darkness. Once he made it to the river, the dogs would lose his scent, that was his plan, the only one he had. He hadn't really thought his escape out fully, he just had an opportunity to run and he ran. He ran for the river, but he could hear the dogs behind him. He could tell they were gaining on him as he felt himself growing weaker as he ran through the woods towards the freedom of the river.

Freedom, that was all that was on his mind as he ran for his life. He had already done five years of his twenty for murdering a man down in Louisiana. He killed him all right, but it was a fair fight, over a woman of all things. Five years was long enough to pay for what he'd done, that was all he was going to give the man, if he had anything to say about it.

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