1Jackson Jacob Henry Brown, III

By E. M. Keeton

Jackson Jacob Henry Brown, III

Ethel Keeton

Copyright 2013 by Ethel Keeton

Smashwords Edition


Belinda eased down the bus steps. The bundle in her arms snuggled against the softness of her engorged breasts. She bit her full bottom lip, worried her mother wouldn’t allow her come back home, but she had to try. She had nowhere else to go.

She peeked inside the extra blue blanket the hospital candy striper had given her in the take home bag. This wasn’t the life she wanted for her baby, but it was what she had now. She trudged up to the house she hadn’t been to in over a year and a half. It had been that long since her mother insisted she find somewhere else to live.

Belinda raised her free hand to wipe the hair out of her eyes. Blinking back tears, she sucked in enough courage to do this final thing for her son.

“What are you doing here?” Her mother’s front door snatched open before Belinda had a chance to put two feet on the porch. She must’ve been sitting in the window watching the front walkway.

“Mama,” The tears she’d been holding in since she left the hospital burst forth. She cried for her son, she cried for herself and she cried for the second man who’d left her with a baby to raise.

“Come on in here girl. Ain’t no point in giving the neighbors a show.” Belinda’s mother hustled her into the house. Closing the door firmly behind her, she stared at Belinda until she could get herself together.

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