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Except for Katie of course.

Katie ‘The Noose’ Majewski not only could hang with the male fighters; but she could hang, spin around a few times, flip off of and land on the heads of the best of them. The granddaughter of Polish immigrants, she stood six foot two and weighed a muscular two hundred and five pounds. She was Whitey’s only pro at the moment. No one questioned Katie’s training with the guys. They were afraid to.

Right now, Katie was matched up against Fat Frank. The tale of the tape had her several inches taller, but giving up at least sixty pounds, most of it in his Guiness bloated belly. Still, he was pretty skilled as a grappler and better conditioned than one would think from looking at him.

She pulled on her open fingered mixed martial arts gloves, little more than strips of thinly padded leather across her knuckles. Bouncing around in a fighting stance, The Noose relished the feeling of the rough padding under her bare feet. She breathed deep, relishing the smells in the dojo. The sensations relaxed her and began to undo the tension that had been building over the last few days. Busting heads and twisting people into grotesque positions was just what the MD ordered.

Whitey said, “Go,” and Katie and Fat Frank squared off.

She went out immediately throwing Muay Thai style round kicks at Frank’s thick thighs. Some of the kicks connected like a baseball bat and left deep red welts. Some of the kicks Frank shin blocked, painful for both fighters. They were just sparring so Kate wasn’t kicking full force, otherwise Frank would have all ready been in trouble. With her longer arms, The Noose jab, jab, jabbed at Fat Frank’s head. He threw a slow, lunging hook. She bobbed her head back out of the way and then stepped forward at an angle. Katie tried to plant a round kick in his gut. But it was risky kicking so close to her target. He caught her leg and swept her other foot out from under her. They fell to the ground with Katie on the bottom. She went to her guard, a somewhat suggestive position consisting of her wrapping her legs around her opponent’s waist to keep him from mounting her. It spread him out and made it difficult for him to punch at her head. He tried, but the blows lacked force and were easily blocked and evaded. Katie managed to pin one of Fat Frank’s arms against her chest. It was what she had been waiting for. Bam! One leg came across Frank’s head and no-neck, the other leg slammed into his chest. Frank’s shoulder was wedged into Katie’s crotch and his elbow was pinned just above her hips. She thrust her hips forward, putting excessive pressure on his elbow, completing the T-arm bar. Frank tapped out immediately, before it was dislocated.

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