The Guardians

By Rilbur Skryler

©2010 by Rilbur Skryler.

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To all those who helped me get where I am today, who are too many to count and list in their entirety, ranging from beta readers, editors, and others who helped with forming this story to those that have simply helped me as a person and author to become better:

Thank you. This story wouldn't be what it is without your help.

Author's Foreword

Writing this story has been a labor of love. I don't remember the entire genesis of this story anymore. I remember that the various ideas came together on the bus, after hearing about a few terrible things that had happened. Whether I heard it over the news or from someone on the bus has been washed away by the flow of time. I do know that I took those horrible, true stories and forged a back story for Jason from them. Add to that back story a plot idea fermenting in the back of my head, and fortuitous timing, and you have what lies before you, a story which has touched more people than I imagined when I started it.

I owe thanks to many people for this story, too many to list here. But I do thank them, every last one of them. Thank you, you know who you are.

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