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Chapter 7: Advantageous and Aggravating Anomalies

Chapter 8: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Chapter 9: Alignment and Motivations

Chapter 10: Non-Player Characters and You

Chapter 11: Adventuring

Chapter 12: Player Character Builder Rules

Chapter 13: Player Character Game Rules

Chapter 14: Player Character Game Master Section

Appendix 1: Character Sheet

Appendix 2: Glossary of RPG Terminology

Appendix 3: Bibliography

About the Author

Chapter 1: What is a Player Character?

I, your author, am quite an introverted person. This description comes as no surprise to any of my friends, family, or anybody who has really spent any time with me at all. I am quiet, always think before I speak, and too often go right on thinking when I should be speaking. I tend to withdraw in social group settings, and would prefer to avoid them more often than not.

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