Gratitude by Cynthia R. Burkhow 11/20/12

There something to be said when

you got support and belief,

when you can go to help organize

or give guidance,

It amaze me, I never met you guys but still

here we are sisters,

Through the good and bad, through the storm

We are here for one another and those who need us.

You all bring something different and unique, Thank you Teena, Tina, Robin, Wendy, Sara, Barbara and Laura,

It means the world to have this faith in me or in this group,

Thank you for helping me to honor all types of Angels here at CVW Angels Family,

You all bring something for all to trust and know it okay to be them,

Thank you for helping watch over us all when I could not!

Gratitude and honor

@Copyright Reserved by Cynthia R. Burkhow 2012

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