Cowboys and Indians

By Neil Dabb

Cover art by Mark Moody

Copyright 2013 Neil Dabb

Smashwords Edition

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Cowboys and Indians


Neil Dabb

Chapter 1

"Long time no see white man," my cousin said as he approached me from behind.

I spun. "Monjo!" We both smiled, slapped each other on the back, and took a seat on the space bound shuttle. "You aren't going to keep that white man stuff up the whole time are you?"

The huge olive skin indian looking man smiled revealing his huge white teeth. "We'll have to see."

I knew the source of his reference and quickly changed the subject. We'd fought over the reference many times in the past and I had since learned to ignore it, most of the time.

In the early 1800's in the old west mine and Monjo's true relationship was built by two of our ancestors. My 18th great grandfather was a man named Calvin C. Wiggins. He was a blacksmith in the town of Timothy near the Arizona border in the old United States. He befriended a large indian named Monjo. These two became unofficial public servants in Timothy and their descendants maintained the relationship playing their various roles in the early history of the western United States. That relationship had been maintained until the present, with one common denominator carrying through the ages, Blacksmithing, and particularly, the anvil.

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