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Financial Self Defense Program

Applying the Principles of Martial Arts Training to Financial Management

Integrated Financial Education Series

Empowering you to Manage your Money and your Happiness

by Steve Kanney, CFA

Financial Self Defense Program

First Edition

The Links are an important addition to the educational experience. If you are using a device that does not have internet access, you can download a free copy of the ebook at Also, note that in the interests of saving time some of the links download PDF files from sites such as the Social Security Administration, the IRS, the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corp) and Morningstar – all automatic downloads are identified in advance in the text for the link.

The purpose of this ebook and all services offered are educational in nature and not to provide any investment advice, planning or recommendations of any securities. The purpose is to educate you to make your own financial decisions, or prepare you to evaluate your financial advisers with confidence so you can gain trust in the services they provide. Steve Kanney is not affiliated with any web site linked in this document nor does it receive any compensation from any site other than . The views presented in each linked site do not necessarily represent his point of view. The links are provided for educational purposes. All efforts have been made to insure the accuracy of the information in this ebook as of the date published. The author and publisher expressly disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects arising from the use or application of the information contained herein.

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