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Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop You

Don’t Let Writer’s Block

Stop You

Push Beyond Stuck

Denis Ledoux

Thank You Gifts

I hope you have enjoyed this book. As a thank you for placing your trust in me, I would like to gift you with one (or both) of two gifts:

1. Memoir Writing 101: 10 Steps To Writing a Compelling Memoir. This is an info-packed e-book that will launch you quickly into writing your story.

2. As if this is not enough, to help you stay in the memoir conversation, I am also offering you a free membership in The Memoir Network’s My Memoir Education.

A Simple Request

If this book contributes to your writing—whether to its quantity or its quality—would you please take a moment to write a short review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads? Do your fellow writers a favor and tell them how much they might expect of Don’t Let Writer’s Block Stop / Push Beyond Stuck.

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