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I. Releasing Guilt

II. Gathering Trust

III. Practicing Patience

IV. Learning Transcendence

V. The Rewards of a Practical Faith


FAITH is a more practical way to deal with everyday life than cynicism, toughness, or defensiveness. Faith can be sensible and savvy, and practicing it daily increases its usefulness and reliability. Yet faith is also tinged with mystery, for it is the connection to our unknown potential and the power of creation itself. Faith is the way out of misery, the way in to self-knowledge, and the way toward a more fulfilling and effective life.

Most people might define faith as a “belief in God.” This book is about faith as learning to maintain a constant contact with God. By “God” I mean the universal and marvelously creative energy that moves us all. By recognizing and affirming that energy, we can become increasingly peaceful and wise.

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