By M.B. Forester-Smythe

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The remote road that would eventually lead her home was bursting with the colors of autumn. Trees on fire with colors of orange, red and yellow rose up through the pines and firs that stayed that deep luscious shade of green. The darkening blue sky overhead and crisp cold breeze mingled with the retreating rays of sunlight. Houses along this road, though sometimes spread apart by miles, glowed warm with lights from within as the chimneys of a few puffed out clouds of smoke.

She absently took it all in, just hoping to make it to her parents before it was dark. She wasn’t afraid of the dark but the long fourteen hour drive was killing her and doing nothing for the cranky toddler in the back seat. Thank God he was asleep because she didn’t think she could take another “Are we there yet?” from him right now.

The familiar wooden carving of a bear marked the driveway to her parents’ house and she sighed with relief as she took the left. The mile drive to their house was the most welcome stretch of road she’d seen and when she finally turned the car off it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. The front door opened and she could see the broad-shouldered frame of her father silhouetted against the light.

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