Christmas Wishes

A Christmas Romance Anthology

Christmas is a magical time and in this incredible anthology these talented authors answer the question of what happens when Christmas Wishes come true.

Leanne Burroughs opens up this phenomenal anthology with “Christmas at Home.” World War II has been tough on Allison Monroe and her five year old daughter, Becca. She’s lost her husband and is now forced to live on ration coupons. There’s never enough money for the extras, like candy and dolls. Things are about to change as Allison meets injured pilot, Ryan Burgess, and both learn to appreciate “Christmas at Home.”

Leanne Burroughs weaves an absolutely beautiful story! Her heart warming tale is sure to resonate with readers as she evokes the true spirit of Christmas in this poignant story of two broken souls who heal one another with the miracle of love. Ms. Burroughs has a talent of crafting charming romances that pull at your emotions and this gift is never more evident than in “Christmas at Home.”


In “The Christmas Store” by Ann Marie Bradley, Aine Ross makes a very special wish after seeing her marriage hopes shattered. Aine is reluctant to trust in love again but Mr. and Mrs. Claus reassure her that Christmas wishes come true at “The Christmas Store” if only she will believe.

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