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An Act of Devotion (Edition 2)

T A Ashcroft

Copyright 2012 by T A Ashcroft

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Another sunny morning greeted the residents in the city of Denver, Colorado. The skies were blue with the odd wisp of cloud and the sun shone its perfect warmth for all to share. The trees swayed and the flowers stood poised in full bloom, standing proud for everyone to admire.

He remained sitting on the front porch awaiting the first of his many daily duties.....and the time was finally here! He sprang into action. Could he do this and make this a new world record......'YES!!! He'd caught the newspaper from the paperboy for the 10th morning in a row!

Proud of his achievement, he entered the back door and greeted Ms Collier or Aggie if you knew her and she was Mum to him.

Ms Aggie Collier was a wonderful elderly lady who was a spritely 83 years of age, with her hair as white as the pure snow of winters gone by and her cheery kind and loving face a picture to behold every time you glimpsed at her. He'd been living with Aggie for 3 years now, coming to live with her at the age of 4 months. She had a beautiful tidy home with everything all neatly situated and photos of her late husband that had been placed around upon crisp white lace doilies. The dark wood polished floors gleamed as they did many years ago when they had first been laid. The decor of rich cream wallpaper with pastel coloured flowers covered the walls. The gardens always matched the neatness as her home, all thanks to Aggies' wonderful friend George Thornton who had helped Aggie by doing her gardening for her the past 10 years or so now. With Aggie not being as mobile as she once was, she often found getting around difficult at times, and although a proud woman, she appreciated George's help.

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